Open Ocean and Offshore Fish Farming Regulations

Mesh Industries fully supports the efforts of governments around the world in developing frameworks for open ocean and offshore fish farming regulations. The benefits of open ocean and offshore fish farming regulations accrue to all stakeholders in the industry and we would like to spotlight the efforts of the Pacific…

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Lower Salmon Farm Production Costs

Lower Salmon Farm Production Costs Demonstrated In Studies

A pathway to lower salmon farm production costs found in published studies has been validated in commercial salmon farm operations in southern Chile. Due to the natural repression of biofouling by the Copper Alloy Mesh nets farm activities such as cleaning and maintenance lead to a reduction in fuel consumption…

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Reducing CO2 Emissions In Sustainable Fish Farming

CO2 Emissions Reduction for Sustainable Fish Farming

Following the recent COP26 Climate Change Conference it’s a good time to highlight the role Copper Alloy Mesh can play in CO2 Emissions Reduction for Sustainable Fish Farming. A 2015 Life Cycle Assessment was conducted and jointly published by EarthShift and the International Copper Association. It compared a range of…

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Copper Alloy Mesh In Marine Environments

Benefits of copper alloy mesh in marine environments

Copper alloy mesh is used in freshwater and saltwater aquaculture and fish farming cages, desalination units and to protect offshore structures. Copper, the most noble of the metals in common use, has excellent resistance to corrosion in the atmosphere and in fresh water with copper nickel alloy having superior corrosion…

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