Fixed Lokk fence is produced in a range of fence heights up to 10ft (120″) with roll lengths up to 1968ft (600m). The fence is strong and extremely durable, because the Fixed Lokk Knot holds the Stay (vertical) and Line (horizontal) Wires in a fixed position while supporting them in all directions.

  • Strength – High Tensile Line Wires 2.50mm (12.5 gauge) is stronger than traditional 3.00mm (9 gauge) Farm Fencing.
  • Safety – Absorbs impact and severe temperature changes better due to the Line Wire Crimp curves.
  • Installation – Longer Fence rolls up to 1968ft (600m) allow for faster installation.
  • Specifications – Various Stay Wire spaces from 3″ (76mm) to 24″ (610mm) with Line Wire spacing from 3″ (76mm) or greater.
  • One piece vertical Stay Wire stops the fence from folding or squashing down under pressure from the top.
  • Variable Line and Stay spacings reduce the ability for Stock to push their heads through the fence causing harm to themselves or damage to adjoining paddock.
  • Fence height up to 10ft (120″) maintains fence effectiveness even in heavy snow fall areas.